Saturday, 6 January 2007

My path toward light is illuminated
by the simplest wisdom of faith:
To be defined not by what I hate,
but by what I embrace
And never to believe a fool
who says that what I love is foolish.
For my Goddess was beloved
millennia before the fool's god was conceived
For she lives within us all
And she will endure -
Like anything so adored -
As long as people live to speak her name.

~ posted by Anna @ 8:37 AM

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

1. Resolution : schmesolution
2. Happy : happy joy joy
3. Bubbly : pies
4. Kiss : rocks
5. Leather : Mother
6. Fancy : schmancy
7. Pages : turn
8. Stupid : cupid
9. Apologize : profusely
10. Secrets : kept

~ posted by Anna @ 9:21 PM

Flame will seek out flame and grow;
The eye of the storm seems so small;
Faultlines reach snaking arms to each other;
Water of the flood pool together,
Finding our lowest points.

Nature schemes to teach us
To see beyond the destruction -
For, in fully embracing suffering
We can begin to see through it,
And to rise above it

Knowing that the Mother of us all
Planted the seeds of infinite potential
Not only as wildflowers
Ready to sprout from bare soil,
But also within our souls.

~ posted by Anna @ 9:13 PM