Monday, 26 July 2004

Now there's something I've not thought of in a while. Upside-down-land. It's a peculiar, wonderful, childish behaviour to hang one's head over the edge of some furniture and see the room(s) inverted... and imagine moving into that space. Walking upside-down, while all the furnishings stay glued to the normal plane of rules. The curtains hang upward, the dining table perches on the ceiling.

Though however much I imagine the fun of this... I think a stucco ceiling would be murder on a girl's bare feet. And of course it's a purely indoors thing. Imagine ducking over a doorway and suddenly falling uncontrollably into the sky...

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Anna likes
new bike.

Yay. :D

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Thursday, 15 July 2004

Oooh, and then there are the times when the music channel plays two wonderful songs in a row - one whose video I've not seen and like to, and one whose I have seen, but which is excellent because it reminds me of Sarah McLachlan's concert last month. :>

I'd better stop blogging and keep watching. :P

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Wednesday, 14 July 2004

But then there are the times when one steps on a tiny chunk of glass, and returns from a futile search for band-aids to find Waterloo by Abba playing on the music channel. o_O Ye gods.

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Don't worry - be happy!
Have just seen this music video on cable. How marvellous. Granted, I often hear this song, but do not really listen to it. I should. ^_^

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Saturday, 10 July 2004

...that I may magic up a new blog design/layout thingy. Something positive to do on my 'Sunday'. Well, positive if it doesn't end up pissing me off. :)

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The young silver Suzuki SJ125 is mine, paid in full. It will be delivered* on Tuesday, when I hope to be there to welcome it home, extra work shifts permitting. It all feels somewhat surreal at the present time; seeing the big black jacket sprawled across the table and the big black helmet strewn on my bed... by Wednesday we should have some photos to upload (and to send with thank-you cards), and once you see them you can tell me it's real. :P

* Owing to the fact that I do not yet have either my license, or the confidence to drive it home from Wellington myself.

~ posted by Anna @ 2:16 PM