Monday, 30 January 2006

Another stinker grinds to a halt. Between 30° and 35° (the latter in our closed up house when I got home). It's almost unbearable... and yet I found myself only laughingly grumbly today at work. I certainly wasn't the only one minging and saying "I wanna go hoooome." The day brought on feelings of my (earlier) youth, when I'd sit restless in high school classes, writing notes to friends and exercise book graffiti using the Norse runic alphabet. I tested myself today and remembered most of it. Wa-hey! By the by, I think I'd be a natural rune carver, since my handwriting is so heavy and clear that it leaves imprints on three pages underneath it. Heh.

Note to Self: investigate the availability of a pop music lobotomy service.

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Friday, 20 January 2006

It's funny how, nearly every time one of my bosses pisses me off, even if I haven't had it out with them (which I am unlikely to do), a few days later they seem to sense some angst and casually have a chat with me. Now Mrs Boss knows that we lived in Aussie for three years, that I grew up in Canterbury and that I miss it, that we're living here so Mum can look after her parents, that I studied horticulture in Oz and organics in Christchurch, that Dad made his living on computer programming and is at Uni at the moment, that I spend time on computers at home and have a website dedicated to poetry and (soon) jewellery.

Yikes. I should be mindful of the adage "Don't give your goals to the trolls." But nevertheless, she's been all nice and interested. It's weird and puts me off my guard, but I was tired of being angry at her in her presence eight hours a day. o_O

It's Friday! Yay! And I'm sitting home alone, while Sarah and folks drive home from Palmerston North after another day of house-hunting. 10 Things I Hate About You is on the player, and I'm sipping fresh-pineapple-grapefruit-juice-and-vodka cocktailish thingy through a straw. I guess I just wanted to say, at the end of a week and before a long weekend, that I'm feeling relatively balanced again since my holidays. *shrug*


P.S. Julia Stiles rocks.

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Saturday, 14 January 2006

Remember Me?
Long time no blog. Yes, we've heard this song before.

I'm sitting by the open window with the first cool zephyr of the evening tickling me. I was, but a moment ago, stacking my books on the floor so that I can move my bookcase again. I've been meaning to do this for a few weeks, because my room still feels/looks somewhat unbalanced. Today I bought the deciding factor: a large, graceful, dark-leaved ficus to put in the corner. It needs to go where the bookcase is, so.

I'm also thinking (and drinking) as I work, and I need to clarify a few things.

I will make no new year's resolutions. I have done so in the past and only ended up disappointing myself. Subtlety is the key this time. I have learned through experience that I truly want to modify some of my behaviour, to be a better person. These are some things I will focus on improving in the new year...

After two weeks of holidays with drinkies on most nights, and thus a severely depleted bank balance, I know that I want to drink less - for various reasons. I will continue to enjoy my alcohol, as I do(!), but I will strive not to let it be an anchor point in my timetable. Three nights a week is plenty, and I ought to stop craving more when I've finished my bottle of whatever. So far so good. I've been good this week.

I must stop thinking bad thoughts about people. Although perhaps most folks can't read my mind (Goddess, I hope not!), it doesn't matter. The low-level criticising, of strangers and acquaintances alike, goes on far too often within my brain. Mostly when I'm tired or grumpy; predisposed. Too bad: I have to learn to control it. It makes me a bad person. I don't talk much aloud, but I more than make up for it with an internal monologue, which is too often negative. I should put the energy into developing my conversation muscle. *shudder*

Considering my current activity, and the fact that my bookcase is overflowing, I realise I should thin it down to books of known quality. There are too many paperbacks (and a couple of hardbacks) I bought in two-dollar bins or library sales, and have never read. Within a year (giving myself plenty of time) I ought to either read all of the books in my collection, or, if they're no good, THROW THEM OUT. Call it a new year's challenge. I'll let you know how I go next year.

Bye for now.

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