Saturday, 20 August 2005

I don't have long to blog; the oil is heating for my felafel... I must say: sometimes vegetarian food is reeeallly yummy. Nice fresh coriander and chick peas for felafel, mini pita breads, home-made hummus and guacamole (two cuisines collide, yeah... I would have made a yoghurt and lime dressing only the yoghurt was too old to use, so I had to improvise with sour cream, which naturally led to avocados in a diluted version of my delicious guacamole).

Also we went on a bead shop crawl today, and I came home with six bags of loot (and a significantly decreased bank balance, ouch). *grins wildly* I love bead shopping. And I now have supplies for several projects that have been lurking in my mind. Fun Sunday activities! Hurrah! :>

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Friday, 19 August 2005

Quote of the day
"Have you found Jesus yet, Gump?"
"I didn't know I was supposed to be looking for him, sir."

Damn straight.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2005

A Wednesday not unlike any other.
After weeks of meaning to, I got around to making some bread last night and this morning. It worked surprisingly well, though it tastes different to most breads I've eaten in the past. I mixed in some herbs, which made it go well with tomato soup for dinner. I will experiment with other flavours and textures, perhaps seeds in and on, next time.

The scooter from hell is misbehaving again. It is perhaps unfair to call it that, but it severely pissed me off today. Fortunately Dad has some idea of what the problem is - and what it always was, though it took so many tries to eliminate other possibilities. He will kindly continue to liaise with the motorbike repair fellows for me. I'm sure it will be a lovely bike to have once its faults are fixed once and for all. We had had hopes in the few weeks since the last service, but no... *shrug*

I am endeavouring to keep up an exercise schedule for myself, and soon I will try to drag Mum into it also; this is for my sake as well as hers, because I need a partner to help stop me slacking off. I think I've been subconsciously keeping myself awake late at nights so that it will be impossible to wake up early enough to go walking the next morning. But, oh! how lovely it would be to be slim. A state to which I have only once got close. I wonder, though, whether I have some unfortunate vain tendencies which will rear their heads if I do manage to improve my physique... Goddess knows I'm vain enough about my new haircut and my jewellery creations. Bad Anna.

Or am I? Is everyone as self-conscious as me? I know I don't talk about myself as much as many people do, which is good. And I've always focused on my faults (imagined or otherwise) more than anything. The proverbial glass may not be half empty, except with regards to yours truly! Anyway, I suppose I would have to describe myself as... open-minded and close-mouthed. Is that such a bad thing?

Time for some dessert. Hokey pokey ice cream (the relatively healthy one without antifreeze in it) and some of Mum's experimental apple pudding. What's that you say? "But you just said you want to get slim."

Hmmmm, yes.
Shut up. >:P

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Monday, 8 August 2005

Thought for the day...
Why are there no purple paper clips?

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