Monday, 31 January 2005

Pendant: blue lace agate, silver wire, peridot and white shell beads ... and the other side

Earrings: dark amber-coloured foil-lined glass beads, peridot chips and clear glass beads

Earrings: dark blue foil-lined swirly glass beads, garnet chips and clear glass beads

Earrings: clear, blue and green glass beads and triangles of copper wire

Necklace and Earrings: round peridot beads, white shell beads and freshwater pearls

Earrings: silver foil-lined glass beads and teal/beetle beads

Earrings: blue lace agate beads, silver wire and white shell beads

Necklace, Ring and Earrings: round turquoise beads, white shell beads and silver wire

Pendant: round turquoise beads, white shell beads and silver wire

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Thursday, 27 January 2005

I've Been Busy
It's past nine of the clock in the evening on a Thursday, and I'm taking photos of my new jewellery. These days, I often fail to find pleasing adornments in the greater Wellinton area, therefore I have taken to creating my own. It does require more money than I might hope or imagine, but the results are usually worth the cost of the supplies. I had to traverse into Wellington itself today to get supplies. A great pity that the bead shop staff consists entirely of snotty, skinny, teenaged girls who treat people like me as if I'm something they found stuck to their shoe. *sigh* Never mind - I can still get most of what I want on any given trip to the bead shop. I spent $75-odd on lovely beads today, plus some silver findings. (It's amazing how much one can spend on something that fits in a brown paper bag the size of one's palm.) When I got home I managed to put together two new pairs of earrings, and amend some earlier attempts with proper earring hooks and such things. I still have a few pretty Czech-foil glass beads to work with, and I'm not sure what to do with them yet.

The day was hot and sticky, in the fashion of the last fortnight... though I've mostly been at work in the sometimes-functioning air conditioned environment of the supermarket, and haven't had the very worst of the heat wave, though close enough. Wearing polyester in this weather SUCKS. I hate it when it's this hot. Juicies are my salvation. (Frozen fruit juice - nothing more; no sugar.) Far be it from me to complain when we've had SO much rain this summer, but..... ugh. Anyway, I got some extra exercise today, walking all the way along Lambton Quay and back again in the heat. And I ran an errand for Mum too - it wasn't only a looting mission for me! :P

University isn't being very kind to Dad. I'm sure summer school must suck in general in most places... but one doesn't often experience the difficulties of it (even only second-hand like me :P). I hope things pick up for him.

By the way: I saw several buskers today. I thought one girl was quite brave for singing a very raw, honest rock/pop song by Brooke Fraser, in the throng of Lambton Quay. The opposite in quality was the fellow I saw as I left the train station on my way into town; he was singing the worst song of the tunes I know by NEIL DIAMOND. Goddamnit!!!! 'Song Sung Blue' in a crappy Kiwi accent!! Can you get any worse than that!!??!?!?! o_O I truly felt like punching him. Instead I just walked away as fast as possible, making strange hissing & spitting noises all the way. GRRRrrrrrrrrr.

But anyway, I'm tired now, and I'll post the jewellery pics tomorrow. I promise.

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Thursday, 6 January 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Newspaper: clipping
  2. DVD: player
  3. Resolution: monitor
  4. Intimate: liaisons
  5. Song: book
  6. Essential: oils
  7. Whistle: while you work
  8. Glass: elevator
  9. Countdown: supermarket
  10. Child: -like

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Good news. I did get holiday pay after all. "I'm sew heppeh!"

Today's an off day. I keep sleeping in these days and having frelling weird dreams. So after I got up and had breakfast at half-to-noon, I spent a bit of time on the computer, singing along to random songs (being in that kind of mood, which is nice) and returning to the ol' familiar quiz channel and playing.

After Mum got home from taking her aunt out shopping, we went out for our shopping. I paid back all my little debts from our trip to Martinborough, I had money for groceries, and for lunch at a pleasant little Turkish kebab shop. Only they must have given me the hot chilli sauce in my doner kebab instead of mild chilli, so I had to bail out before the end.

Now we're all home and I'm blobbing out at my computer again, playing trivial/addictive games* while listening to and occasionally singing with music. I've decided to make an impulsive compilation CD for myself; merely picking a handful of songs-I-like-at-the-moment instead of trying too hard to make lots of themed compilations at once. I NEVER get that job done and it's getting to be a foolish mission. I shall abandon it.

* I did, by the way, get two kick-arse highest high scores on both TextTwist and Bejeweled today. Yay for me.

The weather is humid, with occasional rain, occasional sun which heats up the wet air, and occasional clouds. There's not much air in the air. It's surprisingly tiring... though it shouldn't be surprising 'cause I've experienced it before. Mebbe the weather could account for my weird dreams too.

I could keep blogging, but I won't... for now, I believe all I ought to post about is the above sort of everyday happenings, because - though I have deeper thoughts often - if I tried to elucidate here they would get all screwed up and it would piss me off. So.

Bye for now!

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Sunday, 2 January 2005

Blogging About Blogging (A Rational Post)
Whenever I've tried to blog lately, my thoughts have come out as distinctly unbalanced. I took it as a sign when, on Xmas Eve, I went to post a maudlin sort of entry and an unknown technical glitch stopped me from publishing. Whichever unseen force runs the internet consciousness must have been telling me to shut the hell up. And fair enough.

Sometimes one needs some time to let things come off the boil, so that when one goes to blog, one is not whelmed by the emotions which rise from the thoughts. As much as I dislike rationality (for the sake of itself), sometimes a bit is necessary. It can help one to reach a necessary state of detachment for calmly working through aspects of one's life which rankle terribly. In other words, to scrape the scum off the jam and taste the goodness underneath. (Aren't analogies spiffy?)

A certain few persons who have been known to read my blog from time to time, so I've heard, are distressed by the negativity of most of my posts - which can be horribly depressed(depressing?), I know. But it must be pointed out that though I may often blog when I am sad, I am certainly not always sad. It's more like... when I'm happy, I'm caught up in it and I forget to blog. When I'm upset, either I talk it out with the people around me, or more often, I don't want to inflict my crap feelings on the people around me, so I blog instead. I like to imagine blogging as a similar activity as praying, or writing down problems, promises, resolutions, etc. and burning them. It releases them into the atmosphere, and in some way or another they'll be reflected back to me, hopefully in an altered form.

Boredom has to account for a lot of my bad posts - it usually depresses me enough all by itself; it also gives me too much time to brood on whatever I feel is wrong with my life. I berate myself plenty about not doing activities I could take up in the pursuit of happiness, without folks berating me. (I'd never admit this - shhh! - but I wouldn't like it either if they stopped bugging me, because without them I'd never get out of my rut. I'm SUCH an awful procrastinator.)

Yeah, so this is one of those awkward, uber-honest posts which seems impossible to end... too much body and not enough conclusion... *shrug* Bye for now.

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