Thursday, 27 May 2004


Spent the unusually sunny morning spending money on myself in Upper Hutt.

Stopped at a cafe for a nice latte-bowl and a slice of naughty pecan pie. Paused for a reasonable perusal of Insight Books (and crystals), where I bought a few pretty bits of earth*. Then went in search of Farmers for a boring navy worky jumper, and picked up new brownish-black mascara too. Also, finally, got myself a beanie baby. Saw them several times before in the embroidery shop, but never had money until now. But it took me a while to decide - on 'Hairy' the spider, whom I shall call 'Harry' instead.


And here's lovely Harry.

After a nice takeaway gourmet vege burger lunch eaten in the sun, I discovered that mascara is much harder to apply than I remembered. I now know that it is better NOT to try and rub off waterproof mascara halfway through and try again - it is extremely dfficult to wash off, and makes the eyes red and the contact lenses dry. Sigh. This will take some practise.

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Monday, 17 May 2004

Bats in my belfry
Sometimes I wish I could pray in a church. It would be easier, and comforting, with all the regalia of religion around me. An environment designed for and encouraging only spirituality.

If only it weren't for the particular icons which bother me so, which rub me the wrong way, which go against my grain. A god with his goddess, would be wonderful. But a man hanging, bleeding, on a crucifix? No thank you. This does not inspire me.

Instead my prayers float humbly up from whatever room I happen to inhabit at the time, and I hope they make they way to the ears of my goddess.

Ha - but what am I saying? Her ears are omnipresent. They're in the room with me. Teeheehee. :D

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Friday, 7 May 2004

Don't let them have cake.
No cake for Anna on her birthday. But never mind. It's not good for me anyway.

I worked for seven hours instead. And didn't get too grumpy... honest...

It doesn't feel much like a birthday, really. Though I did get a wonderful new booky present dumped on my back this morning, along with a fluffy coffee on the bedside table. (The Oxford English Reference Dictionary. Woohoo!)

Also I know I've got $2060 and maybe a bit more, from about four people, to spend on a new motorcycle, licensing and accessories. Cool, huh?

I'll also get something (I do not know what :) from Dad tomorrow, when I'll be celebrating Birthday somewhat more properly. And something from Sarah in June, when she visits New Zealand, since whatever-it-be is apparently not postable.

Eye'm gonna have another glass of wine, and then something to munch - perhaps some nice, easy, oven-cookable wedges. Wish I had some quality junk food, but alas, groceries have not been done yet. Oh well.


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Monday, 3 May 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Sexy: beast
  2. Clique: pique
  3. Pledge: wedge
  4. Carbs: diet fanatics
  5. Dream Job: hunt
  6. Sweeps: -takes
  7. Soundtrack: score
  8. Hero: zero
  9. Shave: aftershave
  10. Christina: *shudder* Aguilera

(Yeah, okay, most of that was just me being silly.)

~ posted by Anna @ 9:20 AM

Saturday, 1 May 2004

What does it mean when two halves are bigger than one whole?

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