Saturday, 18 September 2004

A floral treat for thee

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Friday, 17 September 2004

Today I was smart enough to take off my moonstone earrings at work as soon as I felt my mood taking a downward turn. Makes me too vulnerable. A bit o' concentration on keeping happy, and it actually worked! I had to make myself laugh to begin with by thinking, "Think happy thoughts!" Heh heh... So Friday at Le Supermarket was spiffy enough. 'Twere just me, another chick who started working there a few months ago like me, and three trainees - unusual. But enough about work.

Determined to both enjoy the sunshine and make use of its positive energy, I made a fair effort at tidying my room this morning. Was good. The cats hung out with me and helped.

Am current half-watching Labyrinth and scrumping (by that I mean sipping a glass o' scrumpy - not stealing apples; it's not the best weather for it!).

I felt like there was something else I had planned to blog about, but if there was indeed something, I forget.


P.S. If you noticed my previous post about crystals for wear at work, you may ask why I put the moonstones on in the first place. Well, the unfortunate reason is that I seem to have lost another half a pair o' dangly crystal earrings... which leaves me with two pairs only: peridot studs and moonstones danglies. That's IT. And I'm very unhappy about this. Nice dangly crystal earrings are damn hard to (a) afford and (b) find. And I was thoroughly fond of the ones I had!! (of which there are one earring left of each pair) :(

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Sunday, 12 September 2004

Sleeping in with clingy, difficult dreams - not so good. Up by an hour to midday, and quickly out to fetch supplies for vege-lasagne-making afternoon. Sung tonelessly along with music mixture whilst stirring, frying, slicing, grilling, peeling et cetera. Vege-peeled a little fingertip at aboot half past two of the clock. Opted for some liquid pain relief (in other words, knocked off really early). Finger gradually stopped its painful throbbing. Cooking progressed into early evening, ending with dishes prepared and ready to roast after return from cinema later in the evening. Girl With A Pearl Earring @ the Upper Hutt Lighthouse cinema, garnished with raspberry sorbet and sparkling wine. Absolutely wonderful and beautiful. Will surely see again. Home by aboot nine of the clock; lasagnes into the oven. By just over an hour later, hunger would not wait, and enjoyed an almost-completely-baked meal. Thence to bedfordshire. A good day was had by all. So there.

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Thursday, 9 September 2004

And, oh yeah... dyed my hair red the other day. Egyptian Red + Dark Brown = good. Is wonderful. Anna loves henna.

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I seem to be having some difficulty in choosing suitable crystals to wear as jewellery at work. I LOVE wearing jewellery; I feel strange when I forget to put any on. I've tried to keep a watch on myself to see the different effects stones have on my demeanour, and I have some idea about some of them. Yet I still feel inclined at times to wear stones whose effects I know can be troublesome. Mebbe I'm drawn to their 'good' qualities; but I get tripped up by either their 'bad' qualities, or the 'good' ones affecting me in the wrong situation. Some stones I know are never good for me at work. So yeah, I'm still learning, even though I don't have tooo many to learn... it takes time! because of course there are other factors... like tiredness, happy attacks (rare, these days), PMS, other people's moods, and so on. There's no such thing as an objective time to experiment with wearing any particular stone, because humans will always be humans, including myself. What I'm thinking today is that I should, for most of the time, avoid wearing crystals whose effects are too far into either emotion or intellect, because they tend to make me react too strongly in either direction. Anyway, I suppose the downward emotional slip I've had towards the end of my shift tonight could be called 'stoned'.

Watching crazy Venezuelans and Ian Wright catching gigantic snakes on television. o_O

MUST choose an e-card for dear uncle and aunt down south, before their day is over. It's not an easy feat, by any means... the internet is brimming with deeply stupid e-greetings... but once more into the breach(sp?) I go. Hopefully my quest will come to fruition before I'm distracted by imminent food.

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Monday, 6 September 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

I can't believe I haven't done this in sixteen weeks... how slack is that? I need some whimsicality in my life, after all. So here goes...

Reporter: photographer
Mythology: goddesses
Wimbledon: tournament
Civilization: savages
Punctuation: grammar
Party Games: karaoke
Flawless: perception
Unprecedented: occurrence
Curry: pie
Tropical: punch

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