Monday, 30 May 2005

Feeling Lexxy
I want Lexx Season Two so badly. But I'm not gonna get it in the near future, am I? Blahety.

I'm enjoying Lexx Season Three for the fourth/fifth(??) time, although the atmosphere is somewhat lessened due to our dark, stormy Wellington weather. It'll never be quite the same as when we watched scenes from the Planet Fire, surrounded by sweltering Sydney summer heat. As much as I hate to reminisce about Australia, there were some things that it did best.

Garden, it does live, live, live... Garden, it does give, give, give...

~ posted by Anna @ 9:29 PM

[transcribed from Sunday night]

Ha! Teach me to blog about thunderstorms during a thunderstorm. I'm in the middle of my post, and the next moment the night lights up outside the window and my computer goes dark, and reboots. It was time to go to bed anyway; and besides, I was doing too much moaning about the poopy weather we've had on my first whole weekend off due to my new timetable. Honestly, I was about to say, 'But I'll stop bitching and enjoy the lightning and thunder!" and I got cut off. Nyah.

Never mind. I've gone and filled my hot water bottle, turned the lights off and stuck my head out the bathroom window to smell the icy fresh ozonated air, and to get flashed at from the utter darkness and rumbled at through the sound of the drumming downpour. Now I have several heat-seeking cats vying for a space in the bed. Tomorrow's Monday, but at least there's a chance of a parcel of (a) mail-order clothing or (b) late, sisterly birthday present arriving. Here's hoping.

P.S. My hand is cramping up. I hate handwritten diaries.

~ posted by Anna @ 8:11 AM

Saturday, 21 May 2005

Raindrops and bead shops.
Actually, only one bead shop today. And a free train journey there and back.

The sky is grey and drizzly. It's Saturday at nearly four of the clock and I've finally begun to feel awake... I think. I did that silly thing again last night of drinking a wee bit too much, falling asleep on the sofa and sleeping through half a movie. So the fact that tonight I have nothing in the house with which to intoxicate myself is probably a good thing.

I have, however, got lots of jewellery-mongery supplies with which to entertain myself, not only for making sellable things, but for new adornments of my own. I shall start by re-making that necklace that disappeared a week ago, and hand it over in person to its recipient at work tomorrow.

We had a slight change of atmosphere at work yesterday due to the absence of the bosses. So of course the ex-boss lady decided to turn up for a few hours, and enjoyed bossing me into answering the phones. Bloody pushy Tauruses! (*stamps her hoof and moos*) By the way... evidently our new uniform will consist of a black skirt, and possibly trousers when it's colder; and two different blouses... I believe checkout chicks will be wearing a green and white striped, looser sort of blouse of a slightly nicer material than the current one, and office chicks will be wearing a somewhat fitted blouse made of - wait for it! - bright RED fabric. Oh joy. That'll clash pleasantly with my red hair.

I'm going to go and have an extremely late bit of lunch, or perhaps a nice pot of tea. Bye for now.

~ posted by Anna @ 3:42 PM

Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Delayed reaction
I thought I'd had a good day. And perhaps I had - it felt like I got a lot of work done , and I even got brave enough to answer the phones several times - but now the reaction to the bad news I had today has set in. Last weekend I worked Saturday night instead of my usual Sunday day shift. I made a pretty necklace for a coworker on Saturday morning, and decided to leave it in the staff room that night for her to pick up when she started work on Sunday morning. I thought it would be safe enough, with only a couple of other checkout chicks going in and out of the room between 9 o' clock Saturday night and 8 o' clock Sunday morning. More fool me!! The necklace disappeared. Unless some careless idiot didn't read the writing on the plastic bag and threw it out, it must have been stolen. Apparently cleaners come in every night; a fact I was not aware of until now. It was most probably one of them. If it WAS one of the girls at work, then they're the biggest cretin I've ever known. And I'll never know who it is anyway. I feel like the biggest moron in the world for being so naive as to leave it there. I thought it would turn out all right. What a twerp.

And now I'm making some new jewellery for myself... and I've made the same dumb mistake three times in the construction of one pair of earrings. *whacks herself upside the head several times*

~ posted by Anna @ 7:58 PM

Thursday, 12 May 2005

Basmati .....
Amazing how much difference there is... normally I hardly ever cook rice, and now I can see why people cook it all the time... it's really worth it! How do they make rice so aromatic, and why? It's a blessing from the goddess, is all I can say...

Okaaay, eye'm drunkety...s too bad if anyone has a problem with that. I do not. ;P I just wish eye didn't have to work tomorrow. Blahety!

~ posted by Anna @ 10:11 PM

Tuesday, 3 May 2005

Yeah, sometimes life comes through like this.
Hold me closer tiny dancer
Count the headlice on the highway
Baby darlin' she's so blendin'
We had a busy day today

~ posted by Anna @ 7:24 PM