Monday, 25 July 2005

Cursed be the Half-Blood Prince
Giggle for the day:

I feel I should apologise for my last post. To think of how I would appear to strangers looking at my blog, seeing such an immature display of irrational anger... herein lies the lesson - Don't Blog Angry. *repeats this several times to herself* I'm not censoring myself, but I'm fully admitting that it was pointless getting so furious and pointless blogging about it. Who wants to read about that?

Today has been my best Monday in weeks! There's almost a whiff of spring in the air, though I wonder how long it will last. I'm enjoying it anyway. I was even such a good pixie that I got up before dawn and went for a brisk walk around the neighbourhood. A habit that I need to make... well, a habit. I really need the workout... to exorcise the fat demons, one might say. It was curiously pleasant striding around the streets in the gradually-lessening dark, with not many folks around. I even got to see the moon before the clouds settled over Pinehaven.

I think I may have now burned my dinner - I'd better go and rescue it.

P.S. Harry Potter VI was wonderful and awful and so sad that I cried off all of my mascara. I'm sure anyone who's read it will understand when I say, WwaaaaaaahhhH!!!@)#&!

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Thursday, 21 July 2005

Funk off!!!
I hate to have to post when I'm this grumpy. But I have a complaint to make!

I was NOT grumpy when I got home - in fact my last two days were better than the entire previous fortnight. I didn't need to have my good energy sucked away as soon as I started to relax. Goddamnit!!!!!@&%$@#(

I saw a glorious rainbow yesterday morning. But who gives a damn except I?

Yes, I've had sympathy for my close family members, as they have had a somewhat-more intense-version of the local illness, and and are still getting over it. Yes, the recent colds are more vicious than any in our collective memories. I don't usually get sick, but I got sick... and I got over it, and afterwards I still had crappy emotional side-effects which I've never experienced before. I've had to work hard to protect myself from my own bad dreams, be they evil, disturbing, or merely uncomfortable. But I don't want anyone else's emotional baggage, thank you very much.

So just f%@& off, unless you love me unconditionally.

Which would be a VERY short list.

I didn't plan on getting depressed this evening! I had planned to have fun, it being Thursday-almost-Friday night. Urrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!_+(!@#()!&@#(*!%$*&!@#

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Monday, 4 July 2005

Apple & mixed berry crumble, and a peach smoothie... could breakfast get any better than this? ^_^

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Friday, 1 July 2005

Grocery shopping after work, and home by 7:49pm to a cold, dark house. Actually it's not as extremely cold as it was this morning. The cats got all spooked by my entrance in full scooter regalia, including over-trousers which make a horrid zzzzzit zzzzzit noise when I walk. I have turned on the Waifs to keep me company for the time being... not that I feel too lonely, surrounded as I am by three felines bouncing off the walls. :P

"Without her, Ender grew impatient with his own thoughts; they never came to a point, because there was no one to tell them to."

I know how he feels. Or I soon will. Sad to say I'm not very good at being alone, even at home. Nevertheless I hope mother and father dear have a pleasant weekend with the alpacas way over in Stansborough.

I just don't know what to do with myself...

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