Saturday, 5 August 2006

Sometimes I Wonder
...and I should.

Now and then it occurs to me to ask (no one in particular) who makes the cardboard tubes for toilet rolls and who glues the end of each roll down just so. Who created the white plastic cord for my iPod's headphones, or the little perforated metal disc that the sound comes through? Who makes the keys in my keyboard and who presses out each square in our linoleum floor? Or who used to make this sort of thing, and which machine has taken over their job?

I take so much for granted knowingly, but I take millions of things for granted unknowingly. Sometimes I remember and it ought to give me pause... not often enough, I say.

Although perhaps one could say there are more important things, or more touching, natural things, personal things, which should take up my attention and my sympathy; what might I be in this life to look after?

Nevertheless I am glad that an innate compassion stops me in my tracks now and then. A sense of wonder and horror at the unnaturalness of our world that so many people take for granted, which I cannot always afford to overlook. I've tried to write poems about this in the past but my humble words can't cover it, not so far anyway.

This isn't an important post but it's a hint at endlessly trivial, yet important things. "Truth, like a blanket that always leaves your feet cold." I'll stop now.

~ posted by Anna @ 7:43 PM