Thursday, 23 February 2006

It's been too long.
I've just been on my first non-mandatory walk in ages and it was lovely. Something I spotted from the bus on the way home caught my eye; made me sit up and go "Ooh." So, with tonight's meal already planned and a pleasant level of anticipatory hunger inside, I went out through Silverstream and along the strip of land between the main road and the railway. Past clumps of bush, along the line of poplars with the pale late sun staring me down, past some more shrubberies and across the grassy patches dotted with red oaks and tulip trees, and past a long line of oaks right beside the road until I reached what I was looking for.

I snatched some light-through-leaves pictures as well, as I walked back along the greenway with the scent of aniseed in the air from the wild-weed fennel, gathering the wonderful, refreshing coolth on my skin.

I thought I ought to comment on my absence from the web (in case you missed me, I apologise). To put it simply: my blog is the place where I share the parts of me that I'd like anyone to see... and of late there have been very few aspects of myself, my life and my character which I could conceive of sharing. I've been selfish and grouchy and down on myself, and I don't want this blog to become naught but a bitching ground. I have also been ignoring some of the things which might otherwise bring relaxation or relief. Perhaps this is changing; hence the botanical photo session and walkies.

I don't know how to finish this, so I'll just-

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