Saturday, 14 January 2006

Remember Me?
Long time no blog. Yes, we've heard this song before.

I'm sitting by the open window with the first cool zephyr of the evening tickling me. I was, but a moment ago, stacking my books on the floor so that I can move my bookcase again. I've been meaning to do this for a few weeks, because my room still feels/looks somewhat unbalanced. Today I bought the deciding factor: a large, graceful, dark-leaved ficus to put in the corner. It needs to go where the bookcase is, so.

I'm also thinking (and drinking) as I work, and I need to clarify a few things.

I will make no new year's resolutions. I have done so in the past and only ended up disappointing myself. Subtlety is the key this time. I have learned through experience that I truly want to modify some of my behaviour, to be a better person. These are some things I will focus on improving in the new year...

After two weeks of holidays with drinkies on most nights, and thus a severely depleted bank balance, I know that I want to drink less - for various reasons. I will continue to enjoy my alcohol, as I do(!), but I will strive not to let it be an anchor point in my timetable. Three nights a week is plenty, and I ought to stop craving more when I've finished my bottle of whatever. So far so good. I've been good this week.

I must stop thinking bad thoughts about people. Although perhaps most folks can't read my mind (Goddess, I hope not!), it doesn't matter. The low-level criticising, of strangers and acquaintances alike, goes on far too often within my brain. Mostly when I'm tired or grumpy; predisposed. Too bad: I have to learn to control it. It makes me a bad person. I don't talk much aloud, but I more than make up for it with an internal monologue, which is too often negative. I should put the energy into developing my conversation muscle. *shudder*

Considering my current activity, and the fact that my bookcase is overflowing, I realise I should thin it down to books of known quality. There are too many paperbacks (and a couple of hardbacks) I bought in two-dollar bins or library sales, and have never read. Within a year (giving myself plenty of time) I ought to either read all of the books in my collection, or, if they're no good, THROW THEM OUT. Call it a new year's challenge. I'll let you know how I go next year.

Bye for now.

~ posted by Anna @ 7:17 PM