Monday, 30 January 2006

Another stinker grinds to a halt. Between 30° and 35° (the latter in our closed up house when I got home). It's almost unbearable... and yet I found myself only laughingly grumbly today at work. I certainly wasn't the only one minging and saying "I wanna go hoooome." The day brought on feelings of my (earlier) youth, when I'd sit restless in high school classes, writing notes to friends and exercise book graffiti using the Norse runic alphabet. I tested myself today and remembered most of it. Wa-hey! By the by, I think I'd be a natural rune carver, since my handwriting is so heavy and clear that it leaves imprints on three pages underneath it. Heh.

Note to Self: investigate the availability of a pop music lobotomy service.

~ posted by Anna @ 10:48 PM