Friday, 20 January 2006

It's funny how, nearly every time one of my bosses pisses me off, even if I haven't had it out with them (which I am unlikely to do), a few days later they seem to sense some angst and casually have a chat with me. Now Mrs Boss knows that we lived in Aussie for three years, that I grew up in Canterbury and that I miss it, that we're living here so Mum can look after her parents, that I studied horticulture in Oz and organics in Christchurch, that Dad made his living on computer programming and is at Uni at the moment, that I spend time on computers at home and have a website dedicated to poetry and (soon) jewellery.

Yikes. I should be mindful of the adage "Don't give your goals to the trolls." But nevertheless, she's been all nice and interested. It's weird and puts me off my guard, but I was tired of being angry at her in her presence eight hours a day. o_O

It's Friday! Yay! And I'm sitting home alone, while Sarah and folks drive home from Palmerston North after another day of house-hunting. 10 Things I Hate About You is on the player, and I'm sipping fresh-pineapple-grapefruit-juice-and-vodka cocktailish thingy through a straw. I guess I just wanted to say, at the end of a week and before a long weekend, that I'm feeling relatively balanced again since my holidays. *shrug*


P.S. Julia Stiles rocks.

~ posted by Anna @ 7:18 PM