Saturday, 20 August 2005

I don't have long to blog; the oil is heating for my felafel... I must say: sometimes vegetarian food is reeeallly yummy. Nice fresh coriander and chick peas for felafel, mini pita breads, home-made hummus and guacamole (two cuisines collide, yeah... I would have made a yoghurt and lime dressing only the yoghurt was too old to use, so I had to improvise with sour cream, which naturally led to avocados in a diluted version of my delicious guacamole).

Also we went on a bead shop crawl today, and I came home with six bags of loot (and a significantly decreased bank balance, ouch). *grins wildly* I love bead shopping. And I now have supplies for several projects that have been lurking in my mind. Fun Sunday activities! Hurrah! :>

~ posted by Anna @ 8:51 PM