Thursday, 21 July 2005

Funk off!!!
I hate to have to post when I'm this grumpy. But I have a complaint to make!

I was NOT grumpy when I got home - in fact my last two days were better than the entire previous fortnight. I didn't need to have my good energy sucked away as soon as I started to relax. Goddamnit!!!!!@&%$@#(

I saw a glorious rainbow yesterday morning. But who gives a damn except I?

Yes, I've had sympathy for my close family members, as they have had a somewhat-more intense-version of the local illness, and and are still getting over it. Yes, the recent colds are more vicious than any in our collective memories. I don't usually get sick, but I got sick... and I got over it, and afterwards I still had crappy emotional side-effects which I've never experienced before. I've had to work hard to protect myself from my own bad dreams, be they evil, disturbing, or merely uncomfortable. But I don't want anyone else's emotional baggage, thank you very much.

So just f%@& off, unless you love me unconditionally.

Which would be a VERY short list.

I didn't plan on getting depressed this evening! I had planned to have fun, it being Thursday-almost-Friday night. Urrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!_+(!@#()!&@#(*!%$*&!@#

~ posted by Anna @ 7:39 PM