Tuesday, 14 June 2005

A handful o' dreams
Big trees and hobbits and signposts not unlike the one in Narnia. Also mostly-empty tables for brass band players, and sitting down at one of the spaces to play. Carpark buildings again.

And just now I've seen a reference to fig trees in the book I'm reading, which has reminded me of the baby fig tree I saw in another dream.

Which is, by the way, the second time in one week I've had... er... fruity links. The other day I bought a persimmon, even though I know they're only pretty, but tasteless. And it was! but then in the movie I began watching, a ghost came along with a basket full of persimmons. I don't think I'm naive to think of it as a wee sign that I'm supposed to be watching/reading what I'm watching/reading. Sort of like déjà vu.

It's good to have at least such little straws to grab at, because I feel all muddled up lately, what with this depressingly wet and cold season, and many of my treasured crystals and jewellery jumping out of my hands as if they hate me. (Or maybe I've just turned into the world's worst clumsy person. >:P)

~ posted by Anna @ 6:30 AM