Saturday, 21 May 2005

Raindrops and bead shops.
Actually, only one bead shop today. And a free train journey there and back.

The sky is grey and drizzly. It's Saturday at nearly four of the clock and I've finally begun to feel awake... I think. I did that silly thing again last night of drinking a wee bit too much, falling asleep on the sofa and sleeping through half a movie. So the fact that tonight I have nothing in the house with which to intoxicate myself is probably a good thing.

I have, however, got lots of jewellery-mongery supplies with which to entertain myself, not only for making sellable things, but for new adornments of my own. I shall start by re-making that necklace that disappeared a week ago, and hand it over in person to its recipient at work tomorrow.

We had a slight change of atmosphere at work yesterday due to the absence of the bosses. So of course the ex-boss lady decided to turn up for a few hours, and enjoyed bossing me into answering the phones. Bloody pushy Tauruses! (*stamps her hoof and moos*) By the way... evidently our new uniform will consist of a black skirt, and possibly trousers when it's colder; and two different blouses... I believe checkout chicks will be wearing a green and white striped, looser sort of blouse of a slightly nicer material than the current one, and office chicks will be wearing a somewhat fitted blouse made of - wait for it! - bright RED fabric. Oh joy. That'll clash pleasantly with my red hair.

I'm going to go and have an extremely late bit of lunch, or perhaps a nice pot of tea. Bye for now.

~ posted by Anna @ 3:42 PM