Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Delayed reaction
I thought I'd had a good day. And perhaps I had - it felt like I got a lot of work done , and I even got brave enough to answer the phones several times - but now the reaction to the bad news I had today has set in. Last weekend I worked Saturday night instead of my usual Sunday day shift. I made a pretty necklace for a coworker on Saturday morning, and decided to leave it in the staff room that night for her to pick up when she started work on Sunday morning. I thought it would be safe enough, with only a couple of other checkout chicks going in and out of the room between 9 o' clock Saturday night and 8 o' clock Sunday morning. More fool me!! The necklace disappeared. Unless some careless idiot didn't read the writing on the plastic bag and threw it out, it must have been stolen. Apparently cleaners come in every night; a fact I was not aware of until now. It was most probably one of them. If it WAS one of the girls at work, then they're the biggest cretin I've ever known. And I'll never know who it is anyway. I feel like the biggest moron in the world for being so naive as to leave it there. I thought it would turn out all right. What a twerp.

And now I'm making some new jewellery for myself... and I've made the same dumb mistake three times in the construction of one pair of earrings. *whacks herself upside the head several times*

~ posted by Anna @ 7:58 PM