Tuesday, 12 April 2005

"I'm a little black raincloud, of course."
That should have been the title for yesterday, Monday, only I was too Mondayed out to blog. (Not that I need excuses to not blog. Bad Anna.) All I want to comment on is the fact that the pleasant autumnal fog cleared off just in time for me to go to work. Ergo I was stuck inside all the sunny hours of the day as smiley customers came in from enjoying the best of autumn to do their shopping. They'd cheerily ask me how I was, and my answers got more and more monosyllabic as the day wore on... I turned into the little black raincloud of the day. (I was powerfully jealous. I LOVE crisp, blue autumn weather. I'm waiting impatiently for the leaves to start to change so I can try some artsy-fartsy photos.) I'm afraid today was about the same conditions, only it didn't get to me so much...

Today was odd, but okay. I got to be an office chick in training for my first two hours of the day. They've asked me to try some paperworky stuff since they think I'm fairly accurate, and as the main office gal is soon to resign, they need to partially replace her. Today involved listening and watching and sorting and checking of lists and invoices and so on. I'll do more on Friday. So many numbers to keep track of; by the time I went back down to the checkouts my brain was full. I felt like I had lost my peripheral vision, my awareness of other people, from doing such concentrated tasks. Yipe. I can only imagine that the bosses will be much more bothered by my possible departure sometime in the near future when they've started training me in more ways, making me more useful to them. On the other hand, I might find that if I can do some officey things part time, I won't hate working in a supermarket so much. Mebbe I could stay a while. But I must say, when I wondered if they'd ever give me some other tasks to do, I never expected it would be officey stuff. Hmmmmm.

It was Nana and Aunty Syl's combined birthday party last Saturday. We all toddled into Wellington for a snazzy family get-together at my aunt 'n' uncle's house. It turned out bigger than we expected; all sorts of folks arrived! Not just me and Mum and Dad and my aunt and uncle and cousins, but most of the cousins partners, Mum's cousin and her partner, my uncle's cultured cousin from London, and some more folks whose relativity I can't even remember. Yikes. I can never fully relax at this kind of party... and having to talk about myself is always awkward, even when the social barrier of being strangers is removed by them being Family... I never feel that I'm expressing myself clearly. Plus I feel embarrassed by forgetting all the details about them which I ought to know. *sigh* Never mind. It's good for me, and it was good over all. La de da.

Mum's gone into the darkness of Wellington tonight to rescue Dad from University and the inevitable off-peak slowness of public transport. So it's just me, and I'm drinking scrumpy and occasionally breaking into off-key singalongs with the music on the CD player. I'm also scouring the bead sites of the web, from the hundreds of links in this beading magazine a coworker loaned me. I happened upon an astounding site last night, filled with lots of scrumptious gemstone bead strands at wholesale prices, so I couldn't resist spending the $30 I made the other day when I sold some jewellery to another coworker (yay). I must keep this up. And I must upload new and better photos of my jewellery to earthenwords. 'Earthenworks', perhaps?

Time for some more scrumpy. Bye.

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