Tuesday, 15 March 2005

A handful of blessings
With the return of our usual staff, and new staff members on the rosters, there's now an opportunity for my Friday shift to be shortened from eleven-til-seven to ten-til-five. Yay! I'm sew heppeh!

Aaaand... guess what! I got my first jewellery commission today. Tehehe ;P ^_^
Annabelle liked the earrings I'm wearing and wants a pair made, with a slight difference in colour. How wonderful - and it's a good excuse to go to the bead shop again. >:)

I was grumpy and growly all morning and some of the afternoon, but by the end of my shift it was all fixable with a bit of laughter. I even managed to be friendly and ultra-helpful to the most crotchety charming old bag old lady who shops at our supermarket. Aren't I good?

~ posted by Anna @ 5:57 PM