Sunday, 13 March 2005

Heeere we go...

Earrings: blue foil-lined copper-swirly glass beads and faceted lead crystal beads, bound with silver wire

Earrings: citrine chips on silver pins

Pendant: howlite 'doughnut' hung on silver wire

Earrings: large howlite beads and small green aventurine beads on loops of silver wire

Bracelet: oval iolite beads made into links with silver wire

Earrings: rainbow coloured glass beads (various shapes) on silver pins

Choker: rainbow coloured glass beads and clear spacer beads on silver wire with a central spiral of wire

Earrings: rosy-hued marble-like glass beads hung within a loop of silver wire

:) :] :> :D

~ posted by Anna @ 10:00 PM