Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Another sunny day, and the sound of cicadas fills the air like a tinge of madness on the fringes of one's mind. I'm home this morning on my own, since Mum and Nana left early for Dunedin, on a trip to visit the places her aunt grew up, and to bury her ashes.

I've had two lovely feline fellows keeping me company, but no sign of Jinny. She must be Busy out there somewhere. I wish she would check in. I didn't sleep in nearly as long as I expected to. My sleep was not completely restful; with weird dreams and drooling on my pillow - ugh! This is probably due to the fact that I had a good dose of tequila with lime, orange and grapefruit juice last night, in a fairly short space of hours. I then proceeded to eat far too much of a yummy reheated vegherd's pie, and fell asleep in front of The Return Of The Jedi.

But hey, I was celebrating! Yes, I finally plucked up the courage to go out on the road as a licensed scooter driver. I even went to the shops and bought something - how's that for practical? I got tailgated along the main road, and passed by someone in a great hurry, but never mind. That's another thing I just have to get used to. I ought to go out again today before work for some more practice, while the roads are quiet.

I've found my cellphone-to-computer cable again, and I figured out how to get the software to upload one of those garbled strings of letters, numbers and symbols which is a ringtone. Sooo, I now have Hedwig's Theme as a ringtone. Yay! I then felt the need to coordinate my startup logo - so I found a neat little flying owl logo and added clouds, moon and stars to it. I think it even looks like a snowy owl... Hedwig flying atcha! *shrugs*

I'm running out of good computer games. I've played and replayed all the ones I have, until they're all pathetically easy to me and boring. I wanted to play Dune again, but there's some error with the copy I have which makes the game crash when I try to fly anywhere using the map in the ornithopter. I can get around that most of the time, but sometimes it's essential. Damnit. What shall I do now to waste time?

P.S. It's funny scooting past young boys playing by the side of the road. They think I'm a man (and who could tell, with me dressed up in a helmet and armoured jacket?) and call out, "'Sup, bro?" Heh heh. ^_^

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