Saturday, 26 February 2005

Eye yam drunkety. Hurrah!

This week was mostly filled with negative thoughts; the less said about that, the better. I think I'd like my next job-related stepping stone to be moving to a better stoopermarket, like Countdown Upper Hutt. I'm tired of Stokes Valley.

I had a good Day Off. I must confess, I did not get anything done that I Ought to do, like practisy-scooting; but I got some things done which I Wanted to do. Like buying three Anita Blake books, including the next-one-I-want-to-read... all from the specials tables at Whitcoulls, for 50% of their normal price. Three books I love for the price of one-and-a-half!! Ohmigoddess. :> It seemed to be meant-to-happen, since at each half of the store (the mall is being remodelled and the bookshop is split in half on the opposite sides of town) it took one look at the specials table, and then another, before I suddenly noticed that the exact books I wanted were THERE waiting for me. *sighs satisfactedly*

I got some time to look through Mum's beads tonight... she's helping me begin my magpie-like collection of glass beads by oh-so-generously giving me some of hers... it's so wonderful...

I can hear a party out the window in the darkness. Even though I know bascially what it's like, with bassy music and happy pissed people, I wish I could float over there above the trees and spy on them... mebbe soak up some good vibes from the folks who don't have to work on a Sunday morning. I think I had a small flying dream last night, or perhaps the night before. It was an uncomfortable flight, with lots of Fear of Falling; and confused enough without being broken awake by our Sammy-cat swearing violently and long-windedly at the neighbour at 5am in the morning outside my window. O_o

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