Thursday, 27 January 2005

I've Been Busy
It's past nine of the clock in the evening on a Thursday, and I'm taking photos of my new jewellery. These days, I often fail to find pleasing adornments in the greater Wellinton area, therefore I have taken to creating my own. It does require more money than I might hope or imagine, but the results are usually worth the cost of the supplies. I had to traverse into Wellington itself today to get supplies. A great pity that the bead shop staff consists entirely of snotty, skinny, teenaged girls who treat people like me as if I'm something they found stuck to their shoe. *sigh* Never mind - I can still get most of what I want on any given trip to the bead shop. I spent $75-odd on lovely beads today, plus some silver findings. (It's amazing how much one can spend on something that fits in a brown paper bag the size of one's palm.) When I got home I managed to put together two new pairs of earrings, and amend some earlier attempts with proper earring hooks and such things. I still have a few pretty Czech-foil glass beads to work with, and I'm not sure what to do with them yet.

The day was hot and sticky, in the fashion of the last fortnight... though I've mostly been at work in the sometimes-functioning air conditioned environment of the supermarket, and haven't had the very worst of the heat wave, though close enough. Wearing polyester in this weather SUCKS. I hate it when it's this hot. Juicies are my salvation. (Frozen fruit juice - nothing more; no sugar.) Far be it from me to complain when we've had SO much rain this summer, but..... ugh. Anyway, I got some extra exercise today, walking all the way along Lambton Quay and back again in the heat. And I ran an errand for Mum too - it wasn't only a looting mission for me! :P

University isn't being very kind to Dad. I'm sure summer school must suck in general in most places... but one doesn't often experience the difficulties of it (even only second-hand like me :P). I hope things pick up for him.

By the way: I saw several buskers today. I thought one girl was quite brave for singing a very raw, honest rock/pop song by Brooke Fraser, in the throng of Lambton Quay. The opposite in quality was the fellow I saw as I left the train station on my way into town; he was singing the worst song of the tunes I know by NEIL DIAMOND. Goddamnit!!!! 'Song Sung Blue' in a crappy Kiwi accent!! Can you get any worse than that!!??!?!?! o_O I truly felt like punching him. Instead I just walked away as fast as possible, making strange hissing & spitting noises all the way. GRRRrrrrrrrrr.

But anyway, I'm tired now, and I'll post the jewellery pics tomorrow. I promise.

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