Thursday, 6 January 2005

Good news. I did get holiday pay after all. "I'm sew heppeh!"

Today's an off day. I keep sleeping in these days and having frelling weird dreams. So after I got up and had breakfast at half-to-noon, I spent a bit of time on the computer, singing along to random songs (being in that kind of mood, which is nice) and returning to the ol' familiar quiz channel and playing.

After Mum got home from taking her aunt out shopping, we went out for our shopping. I paid back all my little debts from our trip to Martinborough, I had money for groceries, and for lunch at a pleasant little Turkish kebab shop. Only they must have given me the hot chilli sauce in my doner kebab instead of mild chilli, so I had to bail out before the end.

Now we're all home and I'm blobbing out at my computer again, playing trivial/addictive games* while listening to and occasionally singing with music. I've decided to make an impulsive compilation CD for myself; merely picking a handful of songs-I-like-at-the-moment instead of trying too hard to make lots of themed compilations at once. I NEVER get that job done and it's getting to be a foolish mission. I shall abandon it.

* I did, by the way, get two kick-arse highest high scores on both TextTwist and Bejeweled today. Yay for me.

The weather is humid, with occasional rain, occasional sun which heats up the wet air, and occasional clouds. There's not much air in the air. It's surprisingly tiring... though it shouldn't be surprising 'cause I've experienced it before. Mebbe the weather could account for my weird dreams too.

I could keep blogging, but I won't... for now, I believe all I ought to post about is the above sort of everyday happenings, because - though I have deeper thoughts often - if I tried to elucidate here they would get all screwed up and it would piss me off. So.

Bye for now!

~ posted by Anna @ 5:38 PM