Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Tir's Day
It is sunny and warm, and I am home to enjoy it. I may do some cooking, if I can think of something interesting, or I may fiddle around with my website some more. Mother has gone out to a talk by Terry Pratchett; meanwhile Dad is suffering through a maths exam at university. I feel that I'm the lucky one with regards to afternoon activities today.

Another month in which I seem to have escaped a bad bout of period cramps whilst at work. Quite a relief. And today was one of those shifts with barely anything to do except stand at our checkouts, because there was no bugger around. But hey, if they pay us to stand around, why not? And my mood remained spiffy enough all day. Which is not always the case, especially at that time of the month. :P

Tomorrow I ought to go and get my motorcycle learner's license. And some Egyptian Red henna. (Which reminds me - damn! - I should have got them to hold some henna for me, since it's so popular. Hmmmmm. Wonder if it'll be there.)

Odd gaps are appearing around the house where piles of stuff have been removed and driven to the new house. I bet it looks even stranger at the other end... piles of random household junk sitting in the middle of otherwise empty rooms... Oh, I can't wait to start filling the back courtyardy place with a potted garden! Yet another thing on which to waste money that I should be saving. Muahahaha!

Now I guess I'll find something else to do. I'll start by getting out of this silly uniform. Bye for now.

~ posted by Anna @ 5:28 PM