Saturday, 20 November 2004

Oh my starlings!
I thought that bird shrieking earlier had sounded unusually loud. I don't know which window it used as an entrance, but enter the house it did. When I realised a few minutes later, and followed the noise, it was huddling behind a bag in my room where the cats were menacing it. It's been put out into the garden, where it will most likely die from shock, and from a bit of bashing about by the cats and I. Had to grab it with the nearest piece of soft clothing to carry it outside, and no matter how much I love animals, I don't know how to treat some of them with due care. Oh well... at least I got it away from the terrorism of the cats.

Also, the music channel is playing the same tape it played this morning. Lazy bastards.

Oh, bloody hell - I'm wasting more time blogging when I should be cooking. o_O

~ posted by Anna @ 5:47 PM