Tuesday, 9 November 2004

Lots of odds and ends, rats and mice, call them what you will, to be rounded up before the movers come tomorrow. Wouldn't be at all surprised if I found some actual dead mice hidden around the house after the furniture is all gone. Last sleep in this house tonight. Hurrah!

As seems inevitable after several days - nay, a whole week - of feeling pretty chipper, I stumbled a bit today, and only just managed to stop myself getting depressed (about nothing in particular, you understand...). But I did stop myself declining, and felt better about it. I used various sources of guidance to find direction during the day. As I found out this morning before work, all three of my main biorhythms are very slanty; physical going down, mental and emotional going up. Not a surprise. And during the day when I really needed it, the Medicine Cards gave me the instruction to 'Use time and energy properly, waste nothing on negativity, gather the rewards of stewardship.' Makes sense at this time.

Have been naughty with regards to sugar today. A bottle o' energy drink - not for energy, since it doesn't do anything for me, but because they're yummy; a sour lemon sweetie, sneakily eaten while at my checkout (like everybody was doing!); and last but not least, some Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans Gourmet Jelly Beans. I got some the other day to save for Christmas (wee gifts from the cats, of course), but I had to do a quality check beforehand, didn't I? And they're very good. Well, so far only one has been disgusting... Buttered Popcorn. Yurgh!!

Gonna go tidy now. Either my website, or my room, or some of both. Seeya.

~ posted by Anna @ 5:33 PM