Monday, 1 November 2004

It's about blooming time!
New Things:

We shall soon move to a spiffier house in Pinehaven. Some very intensely wonderful loveable things about it. I shall post photos in due course.

We have a new (smaller) fridge and a monstrous toaster, which specialises in crumpets.

Next week I shall sit my test for my motorcycle license and, uh, well, get said license. And then I'll be allowed to -urk- drive in traffic. -gasp-

Of course, that ought not to be news, as I could'a should'a got my license several months ago. But - nothing new here - I have been procrastinating my arse off.

Old Things:

Work is the same as ever, though perhaps with slight, gradual improvements of skill and communication with co-workers. Blah.

For numerous months now (TOO MANY damn it!!) I have not been suffuciently inspired to write any poems. Presently if I want to maintain my status as a poet, however anonymous and amateur, I must at least force myself to turn out a few spiffy haiku.... Or something.... Anything. :(

Current Things:

I am slurping vodka-and-blackcurrant. I am re-picking the photos that will grace that section of Earthenwords. I seriously need to (a) improve my diet and (b) exercise. I love spring. I love pentagrams and wear them whenever I can (which is not at work). I want more dangly earrings. I have my period, damn it. I must pee.

Excuse me.

~ posted by Anna @ 8:50 PM