Thursday, 4 November 2004

In the wee hours
I have been swept up for much of an evening in costumery websites, in all their varied forms and offshoots. Truly a feast for the eyes, which become rather more green than usual.

As usual, there are several crap pop songs vying for attention in my head, from the marvellous and omnipresent Supermarket Music Collection; chosen by the cheapest and most manipulative of local demons. Songs that stick in one's head and yet do not seem to exist when one goes in search of their lyrics, merely to know what the hell they are singing, to annoy one so. But that is the sad nature of pop music: is consists mainly of upbeat choruses with inane lyrics of a glue-like consistency, often sung with just too little clarity to be understood, and without need to be. And it's especially good at using false sentiment and cheap poetic devices to turn good things, things people love, into crap.

*sigh* I'll get back in my box now. Or rather my bed. But not before I sneak the last of my chocolate ice cream. (Ice cream must be eaten in the middle of the night, for viceful foods must be sneaked in order to be fully enjoyed.)

And here's my darling Roux come to share his purr with me again; telling me in a forceful manner that it's Bedtime.

~ posted by Anna @ 1:36 AM