Tuesday, 30 November 2004

Guidelines for Courteous Shoppers
Sometimes you can learn a lot from doing something you thought you'd never do. Like my being a checkout chick. A fresh perspective, you might say. Here are some thoughts that have arisen over the months, and which I've finally put to paper.

Thou shalt try not to hold up all the other customers. This means finishing your shopping before you get to the checkout.

Violence will not make the system work any better, or faster.

"Never miss an opportunity to stand and stare into space like a moron."

No matter what they say, the customer is not always right. Behaving as if this is so, is not an endearing trait.

A little perfume is all right*, but it is not necesary to marinate yourself in it before you come to the supermarket.

* Yes, sometimes a little perfume is infinitely preferable to a strong 'personal' aroma, of whichever flavour.

Thou shalt learn to use thy eyes. When we point, and say something is "just over there"... it is.

Try and imagine, for just a moment, that we might have something else to do than to serve you. This should be easy enough when we are walking away from you at the time(?!?).


Listen to the nice checkout chick. She knows what she's talking about*!!

* Most of the time. :P

~ posted by Anna @ 7:49 PM