Thursday, 25 November 2004

Finally hennaing my hair, thank the goddess. And thanks to Mum who applied it for me. I want to be Egyptian Red again.

Have been attacking the Stinker crossword all day and getting quite far through, I must say. Got my computer running, albeit as a standalone PC, no network/internet. But I can listen to my music while crossing words, which is spiffy.

A substantial part of my time today is being spent trying not to let my premenstrual moods take me over. is back online! Hurrah! Though most of the comments are folks stating the glaringly obvious, or the usual "I love this song!" "I love this artist!"... when the discussions are good, it's great. And sometimes I get help in understanding those weird songs I love, or hate. Lyrics do fascinate me.

~ posted by Anna @ 6:48 PM