Friday, 19 November 2004

Cream Crackered
Am sitting here nibbling on delicious bits of plain and peppered gouda and sipping(gulping) scrumpy. The music channel is playing, and not giving me much good stuff so far, but at least it fills the silence. It's strange, though perhaps good, being home alone for a couple of days in our new house. A good part of settling in, methinks. All the cats are home, or at least close to home. Side-note: Samwise has a doppelganger not far down the road. I honestly thought it was him for a moment as I was walking home! Weirdness.

I managed to scuttle out the door from work in enough time to catch the bus to take me to the Stokes Valley entrance. I should have paused for half a minute to get change; I annoyed the bus driver by having naught but a $20 note. Oh well. I had change for the next bus, for which I had to wait about half an hour. Don't you just hate bus stops where the seats have an adjacent wall preventing one from seeing the approaching traffic? I had to stand closer to the road to make sure the bus saw someone to stop for. My feet were sore. Anyway - another five minute bus journey, another two dollars gone, and I was at the beginning of my two or so kilometre walk home from Silverstream. Ugghhh... it sucked! It wouldn't have been bad at all, except that, of course, I'd done the usual foolish thing of buying too many groceries to carry comfortably. My hands were sore. And now I'm home, I'm rather pongy - but too tired to have a shower as yet - and I have a few small blisters on the bottoms of my feet. *sigh*

At least I didn't spend too much money on transport today. Which is good because I spent too much on groceries. ^_^ But hey, I have plenty of supplies for making (a) muesli and (b) lasagne on the morrow. I ought to lavish some care on my bicycle as well, since I may be cycling to and from work on Sunday. And I might even get out the mower and cut our very modest pieces of lawn which are becoming very furry. Although this is, thank goddess, such a green and furry suburb in general that it hardly matters if it's that way. :)

I'm going to get another glass of scrumpy now. Smeg! it's past nine o'clock. o_O

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