Sunday, 12 September 2004

Sleeping in with clingy, difficult dreams - not so good. Up by an hour to midday, and quickly out to fetch supplies for vege-lasagne-making afternoon. Sung tonelessly along with music mixture whilst stirring, frying, slicing, grilling, peeling et cetera. Vege-peeled a little fingertip at aboot half past two of the clock. Opted for some liquid pain relief (in other words, knocked off really early). Finger gradually stopped its painful throbbing. Cooking progressed into early evening, ending with dishes prepared and ready to roast after return from cinema later in the evening. Girl With A Pearl Earring @ the Upper Hutt Lighthouse cinema, garnished with raspberry sorbet and sparkling wine. Absolutely wonderful and beautiful. Will surely see again. Home by aboot nine of the clock; lasagnes into the oven. By just over an hour later, hunger would not wait, and enjoyed an almost-completely-baked meal. Thence to bedfordshire. A good day was had by all. So there.

~ posted by Anna @ 10:04 AM