Friday, 17 September 2004

Today I was smart enough to take off my moonstone earrings at work as soon as I felt my mood taking a downward turn. Makes me too vulnerable. A bit o' concentration on keeping happy, and it actually worked! I had to make myself laugh to begin with by thinking, "Think happy thoughts!" Heh heh... So Friday at Le Supermarket was spiffy enough. 'Twere just me, another chick who started working there a few months ago like me, and three trainees - unusual. But enough about work.

Determined to both enjoy the sunshine and make use of its positive energy, I made a fair effort at tidying my room this morning. Was good. The cats hung out with me and helped.

Am current half-watching Labyrinth and scrumping (by that I mean sipping a glass o' scrumpy - not stealing apples; it's not the best weather for it!).

I felt like there was something else I had planned to blog about, but if there was indeed something, I forget.


P.S. If you noticed my previous post about crystals for wear at work, you may ask why I put the moonstones on in the first place. Well, the unfortunate reason is that I seem to have lost another half a pair o' dangly crystal earrings... which leaves me with two pairs only: peridot studs and moonstones danglies. That's IT. And I'm very unhappy about this. Nice dangly crystal earrings are damn hard to (a) afford and (b) find. And I was thoroughly fond of the ones I had!! (of which there are one earring left of each pair) :(

~ posted by Anna @ 9:54 PM