Thursday, 19 August 2004

Doze. To Venus And Back. Wake. Head clear. Rain. Cinnamon bagel. Avocado toast. Out. Avalon. Grandfolks. Snobby Siamese. Downtown. Biting wind. Supermarket. Efficient. Grandfolks home. Pa's new scooter. Out. Great-aunt. Parsley. Silverbeet. Daffodils. Rain-damp freesias. Latte. Downtown. Mall. Body Shop. Moisturiser. Supermarket. Nachos. Stokes Valley. Milk tokens. Vegetables. Cat food. Home. Rest. Uniform. Work. Late. Grumpy customer. No change. Crowded. Rush. Grumpy me. Trainee. Slowing. Break. Cheese scone. Apple. Checkouts. Quiet. Staff room. Dishwashing. Checkouts. Boring. Quiet. Boring. Sore feet. Office. Counting. Clock out. Downstairs. Upstairs. Locker. Handbag. Downstairs. Outside. Homewards. Relax(?). Drinkety. Feet up. Music. Sailor Moon game. Reheat food. Sore feet. Shower. Bed. Book. Sleep.

~ posted by Anna @ 10:05 PM