Saturday, 26 June 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

The boys are atop the television, on which is playing The Pick Of Billy Connolly. Roux is swishing his tail as a toy for his brother Samwise. Everybody: "Awww."

Despite the fact that my extra shift today started out making me thoroughly grumpy, it was decreasingly so, especially after the rain, and the big rugby game, started and all the customers stopped arriving! Har har. >:)

So I'm feeling whimsical enough for a meme... haven't done UM in a while, and it's probably almost time for the next one, but I shall do last week's anyway.

  1. Abundance: dirth
  2. Casino: Royale
  3. Shell: Oil
  4. Overpriced: rip-off
  5. Cancellation: date
  6. Eternal: sorrow
  7. Lyrics: poems
  8. Faith: hope and charity
  9. Because: the world is round...
  10. Wimp: blimp

~ posted by Anna @ 9:59 PM