Tuesday, 15 June 2004

Good bornig *sniff cough*
I seem to be getting a cold. This is highly unusual. But then, as Dad pointed out, I've been exposed to many more people than usual in the past month, at work. More likelihood that one or another will affect/infect me.

The back of my throat feels lined with low grade sandpaper, which makes me want to swallow a lot and makes it feel awful when I do. My nose occasionally runs, and each time I blow my nose, the results seem more... viscous. Guh.

I've taken a wee bit of echinacea tincture, but now there're no lemons or juice in the house, which serve a dual purpose of giving me vitamin C and smothering the taste of the echinacea. I may have to buy myself some Lemsip lozenges in my travels today.

Yes, we're going out fridge-humping (as in 'lifting and dumping') to rid Nana & Pa of their old one. Of course the weather's being its so accomodating and helpful self, throwing sheets of drizzle across the sky. Wheeeee.

I guess I'll go and get something to eat or drink, to begin waking up in earnest. *sigh*

~ posted by Anna @ 8:35 AM