Wednesday, 9 June 2004

A Bleh Day.
Got a dirth of pleasant response from customers this afternoon, but then I also gave little. Indifference breeds indifference. And yummy, though rich, lunches breed nasty indigestion. I had to buy some peppermint teabags and a piece of ginger on my break, instead of the usual organic soda and snack.

Have managed to complete a decent email tonight. Also managed to have a shower before bed; though it puts my late coffee well into the pre-witching hour. Broke a bottle, because the conveniently placed bin was gone from outside the cat door through which I poked it. I should have known this. Mad cats 'helped' me tidy it up, while my feet froze on the concrete outside the back door, then they helped me spill a bit of my coffee by slamming the kitchen door closed and giving me a fright.

I have thrown the new EziBuy sale catalogue into one of the piles of debris in my room, hoping that it will get lost, as I have no money to buy clothes, no matter how cheap they may be. In a moment of end-of-day stupidity on Tuesday, I managed to lose a contact lens, which meant I had to shell out $112 for new ones yesterday. (At least they had them in stock.) I was going to replace them, but so much money gone so suddenly... argh, it hurts.

Anyway, better drink my coffee before it gets cold. and return to the enthralling shenanigans of Anita Blake and co.


P.S. Actually, come to think of it, the whole day wasn't bleh. The morning was spent lounging in bed with a cuddly cat and a good book. I ought to mention the good things, since I tend to lose sight of them quickly these days.

~ posted by Anna @ 11:28 PM