Saturday, 12 June 2004

A Better Day.
Cold as hell this morning, making me very reluctant to leave the comfort of my bed, in fact sleeping in for another hour after waking up Dad so he could get ready to go out. (He bravely visited Vic University today to meet and greet, to ask questions, to view a sample lecture, and so forth.)

And though it was chilly the whole day through - and still is - the sun shone brightly. I took the opportunity to take some photos of my gemstones, which, though they turned out kinda shadowy due to the angle of the sunlight(??), are nicely clear and colourful. I just wish I knew how to share them on my website and not run out of webspace.

Shadows are rapidly falling, and I grow hungry. It's almost knock-off time (yeah, even though it's Saturday I observe knock-off time) so I might pour myself a drinkety soon... with lots of fresh citrus juice - calories, food, you know. It's too early for dinner! :P

I think I'll put on my alpaca mittens.

~ posted by Anna @ 4:30 PM