Thursday, 27 May 2004


Spent the unusually sunny morning spending money on myself in Upper Hutt.

Stopped at a cafe for a nice latte-bowl and a slice of naughty pecan pie. Paused for a reasonable perusal of Insight Books (and crystals), where I bought a few pretty bits of earth*. Then went in search of Farmers for a boring navy worky jumper, and picked up new brownish-black mascara too. Also, finally, got myself a beanie baby. Saw them several times before in the embroidery shop, but never had money until now. But it took me a while to decide - on 'Hairy' the spider, whom I shall call 'Harry' instead.


And here's lovely Harry.

After a nice takeaway gourmet vege burger lunch eaten in the sun, I discovered that mascara is much harder to apply than I remembered. I now know that it is better NOT to try and rub off waterproof mascara halfway through and try again - it is extremely dfficult to wash off, and makes the eyes red and the contact lenses dry. Sigh. This will take some practise.

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