Friday, 7 May 2004

Don't let them have cake.
No cake for Anna on her birthday. But never mind. It's not good for me anyway.

I worked for seven hours instead. And didn't get too grumpy... honest...

It doesn't feel much like a birthday, really. Though I did get a wonderful new booky present dumped on my back this morning, along with a fluffy coffee on the bedside table. (The Oxford English Reference Dictionary. Woohoo!)

Also I know I've got $2060 and maybe a bit more, from about four people, to spend on a new motorcycle, licensing and accessories. Cool, huh?

I'll also get something (I do not know what :) from Dad tomorrow, when I'll be celebrating Birthday somewhat more properly. And something from Sarah in June, when she visits New Zealand, since whatever-it-be is apparently not postable.

Eye'm gonna have another glass of wine, and then something to munch - perhaps some nice, easy, oven-cookable wedges. Wish I had some quality junk food, but alas, groceries have not been done yet. Oh well.


~ posted by Anna @ 10:27 PM