Monday, 17 May 2004

Bats in my belfry
Sometimes I wish I could pray in a church. It would be easier, and comforting, with all the regalia of religion around me. An environment designed for and encouraging only spirituality.

If only it weren't for the particular icons which bother me so, which rub me the wrong way, which go against my grain. A god with his goddess, would be wonderful. But a man hanging, bleeding, on a crucifix? No thank you. This does not inspire me.

Instead my prayers float humbly up from whatever room I happen to inhabit at the time, and I hope they make they way to the ears of my goddess.

Ha - but what am I saying? Her ears are omnipresent. They're in the room with me. Teeheehee. :D

~ posted by Anna @ 8:46 PM