Wednesday, 14 April 2004

Chasing the Rabbit
Cacao, bunnies and resurrection: what's the connection?

"'Last year,' a co-worker confided, 'we got so sick of people grabbing at the huge chocolate rabbit on display that after Easter Sunday, we took the rabbit outside and ceremonially sacrificed it by beating it with a stick.'"

Ooh, poor wabbit. Heh heh. Sounds like a fair strike at the modern, irrelevant aspects of Easter. Or should it perhaps be renamed 'Eater'? As in, "I'll eat'er eggs!" or something like that.

Nah, I don't usually do the article-linking thing in my blog, but hey, why not? It's a holiday. (Well, it was a few days ago.)

~ posted by Anna @ 11:38 AM