Wednesday, 14 April 2004

Cat Capers
I never got around to mentioning this the other day, but we had a feline visitor to our house. A pretty, dainty, pure white, golden-eyed thing with a sweet voice, who got our resident cats thoroughly disgruntled, and what's more she(?) did not want to leave. Mum had first heard her meowing from the gully which borders a corner of our backyard - and Miss Puss took Mum's response to her calls as an open invitation to enter our house. We tried to chase her out many many times but she nimbly evaded our attempts to shoo her out the door, and scampered into another part of the house. When we did get her outside, she insisted on coming right back in. She was not remotely scared of us humans, or our cats. She would not take a hint. She did not know that she was not welcome.

And today she was back again!

The little minx suddenly appeared in the hallway, ignored the growlings of Sam and Roux, and sauntered about meowing at us. After another few departures and arrivals, I decided to dampen her spirits by dousing her with a large jar of water. Unfortunately only a little actually got her; the rest spilled all over the front steps. Although this did scare her off for all of, oh, an hour or so; when Mum arrived home, so did the cat. I had readied a second jar of water, not believing I'd need it! I took her outside, held her at arm's length and deliberately poured it over her. She was last seen scarpering under the deck in the general direction of the gully. I hate to do such nefarious things to a friendly, confident, playful cat, but she musn't be allowed to stay. I have prior feline loyalties! And the little girl must have her own home, and perhaps an owner who misses her. Let's hope we don't see her trying to attach herself to our household again.

~ posted by Anna @ 1:57 PM