Thursday, 29 April 2004

April in Hindsight
(Taurus) Highlights from AstrologyZone

"This will be one of those months where you'll need lots of patience. The pace of life is sure to slow down when Mercury, the planet that rules communication, transportation, negotiation and commerce, retrogrades from April 6 until 30."

Uuuuh-huh. No kidding. Great time to learn the functions of a cash register system, eh? :P

"If you can delay signing contracts in April, do - typically nothing good comes of contracts agreed upon during a Mercury retrograde period."

Heh heh, whoops! My first-ever/one-and-only contract was signed on April the... um, around the 10th I think. Oh well.

"It's a superb time to do research or to go back to projects that got sidelined some time ago. It is also a very favorable time to reconnect with people from your past."

Hmm, like perhaps catching up with an old friend, albeit only through SMS? Cool.

"Taking a job from a new employer would not be wise, however."

Well, damn! Ehhh. But what can I do? Too late now. ^_^

"You might want to buy a gym membership this month or begin running or power walking each morning.... If you absolutely must miss a day, vow not to go more than two days in a row without a workout."

Oh dear. Bad me. Yeah, I think I've done a decent walk about, oh, four or five times this month. Very Bad Anna.

"You will be in a much more normal zone financially by May 7..."

Gonna be rich by my berfdie? Groooovy.

"Often at eclipse time the universe asks us to give up something in exchange for something else, so be prepared for that. Still, don't get upset at the idea of losing something - a solar eclipse usually works in everyone's favor, especially one with as many positive aspects as this one has."

Like, say, losing my free time in favour of money-earning time? *shrugs* Yeah, okay, I'll try not to resent it too much.

"Try to treat yourself well this month, and should anything come up, get the care you need."

Hmm, well, guess I'm leaving it a bit late to get that doctor's appointment regarding my monthly troubles. Blah. Better see what can be done.

"We all have to reinvent ourselves from time to time, and this is your time, dear Taurus. In fact, that may lead you to decide to give yourself a radically new look."

All I did was touch up my hair with henna. Wheee.

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