Monday, 29 March 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

Argh... eye have sleepy-cramp in my legs but I'll go one more mile before I sleep, just to get me mutterings done for the week.

  1. Pitbull: terrier
  2. TD: K?
  3. Carter: smarter
  4. Japan: yen
  5. 50: thousand
  6. Streak: streaker! hehe!
  7. Rifle: shot
  8. Trap: pit
  9. Easter: bunny
  10. Mitt: baseball

I must be tired, 'cause very few of those made sense. But then, this is a nonsensical sort of meme anyway... :)
/me shrugs, yawns and departs for bed

~ posted by Anna @ 12:03 AM