Thursday, 11 March 2004

Thoughts (Three Different Ones)
(1) Magic, to my mind, lies in asymmetry. Systems which are unobvious, and less easily plotted. Admittedly there is beauty in both symmetry and asymmetry, but of very different kinds, whose harmonies affect us in different ways. It occurs to me that if the colour of the ocean were simply a mirror of the sky it would be less awesome. Despite the fact that there can be great elegance in simplicity, like the pure reflection of a skyline in the still waters of a lake... The variance and unpredictability of sea colours seem to be the result of an individual soul of the depths. A kind of magic.

(2) Regarding Christianity. It seems to require one to give up one's energy, or self, in some respect, in order to be worthy of 'salvation'. My god does not require a trade for her love and blessings - only love in return. Spirituality should not be conditional. Also I would not want someone to die for my sake, even if I did believe it could make a difference. But it doesn't even make sense to me. I take responsibility for my own sins, such as they are. I do not want to be saved.

(3) Perhaps the reason that adults get annoyed seeing babies cry at the slightest provocation is because it reminds our subconscious of being in that phase of life which we would prefer to remain buried, forgotten. A child cries easily because it is a newly reborn soul realising the difficult incarnation it has chosen, and thinks "Oh shit!! What have I done?" Sometimes I feel like that - crying and wailing and gnashing my teeth at the idiocy of being in a human body on this awkward planet, which often seems determined to trip us up.

~ posted by Anna @ 8:40 PM