Monday, 22 March 2004

Listening again to Clannad, I suddenly remember something. A wee memory of myself at around age 8, 9, maybe 10... pre-teen, anyway... before I really knew any music, voicing my approval of such musicians as Clannad and Enya, because they weren't all spouting lyrics of romance and love. Mum may have responded, "Well, with foreign lyrics, you may never know" - and I may have conceded that point... but the important thing is that I knew, back then, that romantic love would likely never take a front seat role in my life. I can say that my psyche knew it; before I started growing into an adult, before my hormones started moaning. So I shouldn't question my instincts or intuition now when I feel out of the ordinary, not desiring what most people seem to desire. It's a reassurance that I can remain true to myself.

Perhaps you'll say (if you're listening) that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, a big deal out of a teeny unimportant recollection. But if it hadn't had import in some way or another, I reckon I wouldn't have remembered it at all. Like dreams... they only come back if we need them to come back, for some reason or another.

~ posted by Anna @ 9:22 PM